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The“ Meatball”…11.5
House blend 10oz meatball parmesan al forno, served with house-made marinara, basil pesto, and parmesan cream

Smoked Salmon Corn Chowder…9
A classic with smoked salmon, corn, tender Yukon potatoes and fresh dill

The Board…13.9
Two cured meats and two fine cheeses, selected by our chef, accompanied by imported olives, fig preserves and grilled baguette

Ravioli di Zucca…10.9
Jumbo pumpkin-filled and mascarpone ravioli, tossed in brown butter and fresh sage, finished with a shaved Italian cheese blend and amaretto cookie crumble

Mussels Siciliano…13.5
PEI mussels pan-simmered, white wine tomato broth, pepper flakes and Mediterranean olive relish, finished with a shaved Italian cheese blend, served with grilled baguette

Eggplant Rollatini…9.9
Crisp fried eggplant scaloppini rolled around cheese and spinach filling, topped with house-made marinara and parmesan cream

Crab Portobello Gremolata…13.5
Jumbo lump crab stuffed Portobello mushroom, topped with a blend of cheeses and gremolata breadcrumbs, baked to a golden brown


Caesar Salad…8.5
Crisp romaine hearts, heirloom tomatoes, shaved Italian cheese blend, focaccia croutons

* Baby Kale Salad…8.9
Poached figs, red seedless grapes, candied walnuts, crumbled blue cheese, warm vanilla bean vinaigrette

* Winter Wedge Salad…8.9
Iceberg wedge, hard-cooked egg, roasted corn, crisp bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, white French dressing

Carley's Chopped Salad…8.9
Chopped greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, crumbled goat cheese, herb vinaigrette

Grilled Antipasto Salad…8.9
Grilled romaine heart, giardiniera, sliced tomato, olives, capicola, soppressata, burrata, shaved Italian cheese blend, basil vinaigrette

* Gluten Free

Flatbread Pizzas & Grinders

Chicken Alfredo Pizza…12.9
Flatbread pizza topped with parmesan cream, diced grilled chicken, pepper medley, shredded mozzarella and shaved Italian cheese blend, served with a side Caesar salad

Bolognese Pizza…12.9
Crisp flatbread topped with house-made Bolognese sauce and fresh basil, finished with fresh basil and aged alsamic reduction, served with a side Caesar salad

Carley’s Meatball Grinder…12.9
Our house meatball, parmesan on a toasted bun, cut and served on baby greens with a robe of marinara, served with a side Caesar

toasted on an Italian roll, finished with olive-vegetable relish and baby kale, served with home made chips and house-made pickle spear

Italian Classics

Parmigiano: crisp Italian seasoned bread crumb crust, topped with house-made marinara and a blend of Italian cheeses, baked to golden, served with bucatini marinara, asparagus and parmesan cream

Chicken…18   Veal…26   Stuffed Eggplant…16.5

Alfredo: pappardelle pasta, cooked al dente, tossed in parmesan cream sauce with garlic and black pepper served with asparagus and shaved Italian cheese blend

Plain…14 Grilled Chicken…17 Grilled Shrimp…22

Chicken Marsala…20
Pan-roasted airline chicken breast, finished with a rich marsala wine demi glace, sauté of wild mushrooms,garlic and petite vegetables, accompanied by crisp butter seared gnocchi

Pasta Bolognese…20
Our house-made bolognaise sauce tossed with pappardelle pasta, topped with sautéed baby kale and shaved Italian cheese blend, accompanied by grilled baguette

Chef's Italian Specialties

Lasagna con Costoletta…20
Our house-made bolognaise style lasagna topped with a generous portion of slow-braised beef short rib, finished with a rich bordelaise sauce, served with sautéed baby kale

* Ribeye Pizzaiola…32
Hand-cut choice 14 ounce ribeye, seasoned and pan-seared, topped with a sauté of sweet peppers, pickled vegetable, crushed red pepper and house-made marinara sauce with garlic parmesan baked potato

* Pork Tenderloin Balsamico…22
Hand-trimmed prime pork tenderloin with a rosemary-garlic crust, pan-roasted, served with creamy risotto and grilled asparagus, finished with balsamic glazed heirloom tomatoes

* Roman Lamb Osso Buco…26
Tender braised lamb volcano shank in a rich lamb demi glace, served with grilled polenta and wilted greens with anchovy and red wine vinegar

Seafood alla Puttanesca…26
A pungent affair of olive, roasted red pepper, anchovy and garlic in our house-made marinara sauce, with shrimp, crab, clams and mussels, tossed with bucatini pasta, accompanied by grilled baguette

Risotto del Giorno…22
Chef’s selection of fresh, seasonal items

* Salmon di Cedro…26
Fresh Atlantic salmon, basil pesto rub, grilled, oven-roasted, served on a cedar plank finished with pickled red onion, roasted tomatoes and fried capers, accompanied by parmesan risotto and chef’s garden fresh vegetable

* Gluten Free